November 6, 2021

Fall Work Party 2021.

The Fall work party was a great success. There was a general cleanup of leaves - a lot of leaves! We cleaned the 7, 25, 50, 100, ranges. Maintenance was performed on the shotgun screen. Redid the backers. Tied up lots of loose ends around the club.
The party ended with pizza and wings!

There was a great turnout and the Board would like to thank; Mike Kerbowsky, Tom Monzo, Charlie Parker, Mike Noonan, Dustin Wenger, Allison Wenger, Jim Butler, Barry Brown, Jim Smith, Rob Hagen. Anthony Garbani, Claire, Arthur & Bob Brown, Philip Bahl, Tom Clements, Bill Yoder, Mike McGrovern, Jim Smith, Greg Ellwell - and to the other members that did not sign in. Thank you very much for your work to keep Telco clean and presentable for all members.

Great Job!!!

Thanks again,

Telco Board of Directors



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