April 22, 2017

Spring Work Party 2017.

The spring work party was a great success. The main work centered around installing the cable for the new video camera system. Trenches were dug, cable layed and distributed to the ranges. It was a big job done well by all the Telco members at the work party. There was a general cleanup of the grounds. We cleaned the 7, 25, 50, 100, Junior and archery ranges. Maintenance was performed on the pat trap. Redid the backers. Tied up lots of loose ends around the club. The party ended around 11:30 and Gerry's famous lunch was served.

There was a great turnout and the Board would like to thank; Tom Monzo, Chuck Newman, John Johnstone, C. Castigalia, Mark Murdy, Bill Marchall, Bill Schmitt Jr, Bill Schmitt III, Mike Metzler, Greg Jablonski, Stan Boyd, Jim R. Smith, Jim S. Smith, Barry Brown, Tracey Butler, Greg Elwell, Dennis Gatti, Jim Pfeiffer, Mike Tolomeo, Tom Clement, Gerald Harding, Charlie Packer, Tom Wolfe, Justin Dariano, Bill McGowan, Claire and Bob Brown, Frank Banks, Charlie Miller & tractor, Bob Yoder and Bill Yoder - Plus if you did not sign in - THANK YOU!

Great Job!!!

Thanks again,

Telco Board of Directors



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